Ola's Marketing & Independent Consultant Program

Ola's Coffee, Tea & Equipment, Inc. offers individuals a comprehensive  Marketing  & Independent Consultant Program for persons interested in building personal wealth selling  Ola's  Coffee,  Tea and  Brewing  Equipment Products 

You can participate in building wealth three (3) ways:

  1. As an Independent Purchase Consultant responsible for building personal business wealth
    • As an alctive Independent Purchase  Consultant you'll enjoy the benefits of purchasing all Ola's products wholesale,  up to 100°/o markup.  You can sell your products to family, friends, associates, businesses, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, stores, fundraising and non-profit groups, churches, etc., and you can also purchase wholesale, for self-consumption
  2. And  10% Referral  & Initial Purchase Income by signing up new Consultant to the business opportunity, you'll earn 10%> referral income and 1Oo/o on any initial products purchased
    • As an active Independent Purchase Consultant you'll enjoy the benefits of receiving 1Oo/o referral income for introducing any new Consultants to business opportunity and if Consultant makes initial product purchase, at time of sign up, you'll earn an additional 10% on any initial product purchases​
  3. As an Independent Purchase Consultant you may be eligible to qualify for recognition, quarterly prizes, awards, pins and/or bonuses.

​6 Pathways to  Building Wealth

  1. As an Independent Purchase Consultant, you can sell Ola's Coffee, Tea, and Brewing Equipment products for  a  profit  up to  100%  of  purchase value. No recruiting activities required
  2. As an Independent Purchase Consultant, you can set up customers to purchase from you with auto re-order contracts, via internet, for weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual repeat income. Earn up to 100% commission
  3. As an Independent Purchase Consultant, you can set up customers to purchase from you, on-line, via internet. Earn up to 100% commission from individual, on-line purchases
  4. As an Independent Purchase Consultant, you can sign up new Consultants to business opportunity. Earn a 10% referral fee and 10°.lo income on initial products purchased by new Consultant signed by you
  5. As an Independent Purchase Consultant, in addition to the above, you can share the business opportunity with friends, family and associates most anywhere in the world
  6. As an Independent Purchase Consultant, you can pursue Corporate Accounts and Large Accounts, however all Corporate and Large Accounts are paid a flat rate of 10% of paid purchases
  7. Corporate & Large Accounts are large orders; orders purchased for less than your cost; any accounts that require insurance information of any type; or any account that wants corporate branding, association or partnership on any type*

​Independent  Purchase Consultants

Consultants have several ways of generati ng wealth:

  • ​Income from purchasing Ola products earning up to 100 % commission
  • Income from Auto Re-Order Contracts earning up to 100% commission
  • Income from individual On-Line Purchase earning up to 100°/o commission
  • Income from purchasing Ola specialty products earning up to 100%
  • Referral Fee  10% from signing new Consultant to business opportunity and Referral Income of 10% of initial product purchases of new ConsultantIndependent Purchase Consultants are independent contractors.
  • Independent Purchase Consultants are business-minded people who see benefits from low costs to start own business and see unlimited-income  potential in one of the fastest growing industry in the world
  • Independent Purchase Consultants can earn part-time or full-time income
  • No recruiting activities required
  • Independent Purchase Consultants receive recognition, awards, gifts, bonuses, cash and travel incentives*

Business Opportunities

Auto  Ship Contracts

  • With Auto Ship Contracts, you can plan ahead for coffee orders
    • Weekly Plan (free shipping)
    • Bi-Monthly Plan (free shipping)
    • Monthly Plan
    • Quarterly Plan
    • Bi-Yearly Plan
    • Yearly Plan
  • You can order any quantity for future delivery of any product
  • Fill-in Auto Ship Form with details
  • Credit Cards, Checks, Cash Accepted
  • With Auto Ship your customers may receive gifts, new promotions, product information, etc.
  • Auto Ship cancellation fee is $50
  • NFS Fee $50
  • Rush Ship fee $15.99

On-Line Orders

  • With On-Line orders, you can offer your customers the convenience of ordering all their product selections on­ line with delivery available to most places in the world
  • Your customers can order any quantity or product from the internet in your name and you will receive the credit for it
  • Your customers go online, using your code, they can order products at their convenience, anytime
  • With On-line orders, your customers may receive gifts, new promotions, new product information, etc.
  • Only credit or debit cards accepted. 

Interested in being an Independent Consultant. 

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